White Noise For Slave - DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS
Some people have asked what I listen to when in sensory deprivation. Nobody should listen to this, it is very scary, using holophonic technology and inaudible whisper and even audio jumpscares. - AbigailFallus
Hypnosis: From Alpha To Beta
This hypnosis will give you a deep trigger that will turn you from alpha man to beta. You can listen to the sequel at JetztDomina.com - Lady Julina - LadyJulina
You thought this clip was to motivate you…
You thought this clip was to motivate you but its really to mesmerize you to become a pig PORN FOR YOUR EARS AUDIO PORN - campsissyboi
How Badly Do You Want It?
How badly do you want to orgasm in front of Tina? Will she allow you to cum? Tina is in full control over your mind and body now and you will follow every instruction she gives you. Will this tease an - Tina Kay - JohnnyKink69
Orgasm Hypnosis - Female only - Long induction V2
Hypnotize yourself for a mind-shattering orgasm. Now even stronger and more intense! - MaotMi
Janey Jones - Poppers mindfuck
Showassbb presents Janey Jones in : Poppers mindfuck - Janey Jones - janey_jones