The Cupcake Encounter - HD TRAILER
A lovely giantess sits down after a long day, to enjoy a few cupcakes. Upon picking up her cupcake of choice, she notices a shrunken person, knee-deep in frosting. The brave tiny asks to be devoured. - TheGoddessClue
Interrogated by a Giantess - HD TRAILER
You were caught and will be chained and questioned by the ruthless, gorgeous giantess who holds you in the palm of her hand. She wants to know one simple thing: Where are your friends hiding? - TheGoddessClue
The Third Date Part 2 - HD TRAILER
Your seemingly sweet giantess girlfriend reveals to you her dark secret on your third date. She has been keeping a few tiny "toys" for her own pleasures and needs, and tonight she brings them out to p - TheGoddessClue
Clue's Classics: Shrinking My Ex - HD TRAILER
I know you're not over me. So that's why I shrunk you AND your new girlfriend down!... Your girlfriend was such a tasty snack! Now it's your turn to get toyed with endlessly... - TheGoddessClue - TheGoddessClue
Your Vore Valentine - HD TRAILER
Valentine's Day! Arguably the most romantic night of the year and you're spending it in the hands of your lover... Literally! She knows what you've been craving. She knows your desires and she hungers - TheGoddessClue
Becoming One with your Goddess - HD TRAILER
You've been trained for this very moment: the day your Goddess would consume you and make you a part of her exquisite form. Relish in your end as you are devoured by your beautiful, topless Goddess. - TheGoddessClue
Introducing My New Toy - HD TRAILER
I finally have my hands on a shrunken man. Now I can do what I've always wanted to do to men: run my tongue over their tiny bodies, ruthlessly drench them in my spit, suck on them until they melt... - TheGoddessClue - TheGoddessClue
Mystery Clip - HD TRAILER
You are shrunken down and in the hands of a radiant goddess, but what will become of you? You are at the mercy of this giant beauty and your fate is a mystery. - TheGoddessClue
I downloaded this a while ago. Pretty sure there was a dropbox link on Twitter, but I can only find the creator's Furaffinity, where the original CANNOT be found. - Mikeyfoxy
Giantess Lindsey Leigh and the City
The tall Amazonian Lindsey Leigh turns into a HUGE powerful giantess goddess! And goes after some men to eat. - Lindsey Leigh - G-Union
Seminar for a Snack - HD TRAILER
I will explain in great detail the process I take while shrinking, consuming and digesting my prey. From fully sized to a mere one to two inches, you will be toyed with in my mouth and much more. - TheGoddessClue
Your ruthless giantess and crushes you with her pussy
Your ruthless giantess and crushes you with her pussy you can't escape the force of her devastating orgasm - NicolettaEmbassi